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Camping is a refreshing and rejuvenating escape that has many health benefits to our bodies. If you want some form of stress relief to recharge, grab a tent and head into the wild for an adventure of a lifetime.

Most of us go on trips because we want to get away from the daily grind of life or have an adventure. This outdoor activity is not only great for leisure and relaxation, but it has a host of health benefits that come with it. When you spend time away from home, you realize how much you are missing from what nature has to offer.

The design of our bodies is not for the inactive life of sitting inside all day without exercising, breathing fresh air, and staring at the screen. We are supposed to move around, explore, get some fresh air, enjoy the sunshine, and have fun. Camping helps you bond with friends and family and offers you significant health benefits that work wonders for your mental and physical health.

There is nothing as fulfilling as escaping the hustle and bustle of city life in exchange for the sound of the wind, bathing in the river, and falling asleep under the stars. A weekend trip allows you to blend with nature while hiking in beautiful forests and rugged mountains. It is an inexpensive way to unwind, enjoy the fresh air and get new experiences without spending a lot.

Camping helps you live a longer and healthier life with incredible therapeutic benefits to your mood, brain, metabolism, and sleep patterns. Spending time outdoors allows you to be active as you have to erect tents, collect firewood, and you will have to hike to the campsite. These activities and exposure to a clean and healthy environment have scores of benefits, some of which are listed here.

Here are 11 health benefits of camping:

1. Stress Relief

We all experience stress at one point or the other due to the pressures of life. It is not suitable for our physical and mental health; thus, getting away from it is a good idea. Going out to camp makes this possible as you get detached from the city life and your 9 to 5 job to relax and unwind. It is hard for you to get annoyed when participating in what you enjoy doing while at the campsite.

2. Fresh Air

Spending time in the woods allows you to breathe in more oxygen than you would in the polluted city environment. You get the unmistakably distinctive feeling when you breathe in the air at your campground. Plenty of oxygen is good for your body as it helps you function well and with less strain. With low levels of pollutants in the air, your blood pressure and digestion improve, and your immune system gets an extra boost.

3. Physical Fitness

Camping is an active pastime that helps you exercise and keep your body fit. The time you spend at camp is primarily physical, as you have to set up your tent, look for firewood, and go for hikes. It helps you counter some health issues related to the comforts of modern living, such as obesity. The activities involved raise your heart rate, and you will efficiently burn calories in the process.

4. Reducing Inflammation

Researchers found out that forest bathing can help to reduce small proteins (proinflammatory cytokines) in our immune system. These cytokines can accelerate certain conditions associated with asthma, arthritis, and Crohn’s disease. This study was demonstrated in overnight trips, and elderly patients showed a decline in proinflammatory issues related to cardiovascular diseases after a week-long trip.

5. Vitamin D

Sunshine provides us with vitamin D, which is beneficial for our bones and other areas of physical wellness. Our body does not produce vitamin D and getting at least 10 minutes of sunshine, and vitamin d rich foods will make our bones robust. While out in the camp, you are bound to get abundant sunshine, but you should be careful as too much of it can cause skin damage. Remember to pack sunscreen and use it for your protection.

6. Relax and Unwind

When faced with everyday life challenges, we all get stressed and overwhelmed. One of the ways to manage and lower stress is by relaxing, and there is no better place to do so than on a campsite. Most adults in America today visit the doctor for stress-related ailments. They range from sleep disorders, high blood pressure, stomach aches to headaches. These issues can be combated by relaxing and leaving all the care to the world.

7. Counter Sedentary Lifestyle Symptoms

Many people lead a sedentary lifestyle brought about by advancing technology. We spend most of our time seated while working, driving, watching television, and doing other unhealthy activities. Our work shifts have us spending most of the time indoors in comfortable workstations where everything is at the click of a button or in cars driving. Going out to camp can help you counter the adverse effects of modern living by participating in more proactive activities.

8. Improved Memory

Camping places you in the wild surrounded by trees and fresh air and enables your body to release higher serotonin levels. This naturally occurring neurotransmitter helps regulate your appetite, sleep, and mood. It also works on your cognitive functions, thus improving your memory and learning.

9. Good Food

During camping, you are likely to eat healthy food such as protein since you might get to go fishing or hunting. The food cooked over a campsite grill or campfire tastes better than what you eat at home. You will not get any unnatural ingredients or preservatives in the food that you source from the wild. You can plan a great menu before setting out for the trip.

10. Restful Sleep

Many people that come from outdoor experience have better sleep cycles. The trip provides you with a perfect opportunity to get some good sleep. The time spent in the wild relaxing and unwinding helps the body make specific natural changes in our system. Good sleep helps to reduce inflammation and improve the cardiovascular system; thus, your body will be alert yet relaxed.

11. Meditation

When going for a trip, try to completely disconnect from the rest of the world. Leave your tech gadgets at home and enjoy the simplicity of nature for a few days. Savoring your surroundings without external distractions can help increase your lifespan. Meditation provides a form of disconnection that could improve various severe medical conditions.


Heading out to camp is a great way to disconnect from technology and help you to learn new things from the challenges it provides. You will also get to connect with nature without any distractions and strengthen your bond with family and friends, which is good for your well-being.


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