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Camping is fun, but you will always find something inconvenient when going outdoors because of the lack of tools/facilities. Good preparation will bring you better experience and joyful memories.

Based on our years of camping practice we made this checklist below to help you avoid the problems many new campers encounter.

There is also a PDF printable version you can download here.

Be aware: For different scenarios, considering the weather/temperature condition or the different types of the camping site, you should bring the gears that are suited for it. For example, if you are camping in winter the tent you choose must be a cold weather tent that could sustain such low temperatures.

You can click the checkbox before each item in this page, after everything is done, click the “Check and Validate” button to get a hint on which items you have forgotten.

Campsite / Shelter

  • tent (and extra stakes)
  • camp chairs and table (folding)
  • sunshade,tarp or screen house
  • lantern
  • sleeping pad/cot
  • pillow
  • air mattress, pump and repair kit
  • utility bags

Food / Cooking

  • stove and fuel
  • matches/lighter
  • cooking knives
  • cutting board
  • mugs / cups / bowls
  • food storage container
  • water bottles
  • bottle opener / can opener
  • trash / recycling bags


  • shoes/boots suited to terrain
  • moisture-wicking underwear
  • quick-drying pants/shorts
  • long-sleeve shirts(for sun, bugs)
  • sleepwear
  • sunglasses
  • wide-brimmed sunhat or visor
  • sandals or flip-flops


  • axe or hammer
  • paracord
  • duct tape
  • multi-tool pocket knife
  • solar and portable power
  • map and campass
  • a whistle


  • toilet paper
  • shower shoes
  • tooth brush and tooth paste
  • towel/washcloth
  • first aid kit
  • credit card / cash
  • ID


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