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If you love camping, especially in large groups, having versatile gear is a must. Connectable tents are the perfect option for those with large families or close friends because of their unique features.

Connectable tents are designed with the ability to attach other tents together, forming a single unit. One of their greatest benefits is that they can be bought separately, not all at once, so you can save money. They come in various sizes and can be used for a large group camping together, as additional storage space, or for activities in foul weather.

There are only a few connectable tents on the market, and below is a list of nearly all of them that can be found online. Each one offers unique features that may suit your needs.

Top 5 Connecting Tents: Buying Guide

1. Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tent Bundle

  • Capacity: 3-6 persons
  • Seasons: 4 seasons
  • Style: Dome & cabin tents
  • Material: Polyester

The Coleman Bundle comes with everything you need to turn your camping trip into luxury. This is the perfect tent for families and friends, offering a multitude of arrangements to fit your needs.

This tent bundle comes with a 3-person dome tent and a 6-person cabin tent. However, you don’t have to buy them in a bundle and can purchase them separately. The benefit of these tents is that you can buy and connect as many tents as you want, or as your family or friend group grows.

The 3-person tent can fit one queen-sized air mattress or is a convenient space for storing gear. The larger cabin tent can fit up to 6 people. You can connect several dome tents together, cabin tents, or a mixture of the two for a variety of spaces.

Also included is a wheeled carry bag that effortlessly fits the tents for easy transport, and they do include privacy doors that separate the tents and rooms.

Watch this video to learn more about the Coleman connecting tents: Coleman Connectable Tents – Features – BCF – YouTube

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2. Crua Clan Dome Tent

  • Capacity: 2-6 persons
  • Seasons: All season
  • Style: Dome
  • Material: Breathable polyester

This Crua Clan tent is a high-quality option that’s more on the pricey end but delivers everything you need it to. It sports an airframe that makes set up a breeze and can be done in just a couple of minutes. With a ceiling height of 9 feet, you’ll have room to move and stand comfortably.

This is a modular system that can attach to as many different Crua Clan tents as you want. The Core system can be separated into 3 rooms, or the full set can be split into as many as 7 different tents. You can have near-endless space for everything you want and need.

It sports an insulated layer of breathable polyester 450g thick and a waterproof outer layer of 5000mm. This is an all-season tent capable of withstanding all the elements while keeping you and your group comfortable and protected.

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3. Pod Tent Mini Elite 

  • Capacity: 4 persons
  • Seasons: All seasons
  • Style: Dome
  • Material: Breathable polyester

Pod Tent modular tents come in a variety. The Pod Mini Elite can be combined with the Pod Maxi Elite via an interconnection tunnel to create a vast amount of space with as many tents as you want. The interconnection tunnel comes separately, so it’s an additional cost, but offers more flexibility by expanding the tent system.

The Maxi Tent has 3 connection doors where you can connect multiple different Mini Pods and leave the larger space as the hangout or activity area. Each mini pod can fit up to 4 people and offers privacy being separate offshoots from the larger tent. It is ideal for large groups.

This tent also features mesh doors and vents for optimal bug protection and airflow. The rain fly is made with Ripstop 210T Nylon for ideal waterproofing and leak prevention. It also sports a sewn-in groundsheet that protects the floors from rippings and from moisture seeping in.

The Pod Tent Elite is new to the industry of connectable tents, but its design is perfect for large groups. Check out this video to learn more: POD-Elite Tent – Kickstarter Campaign – YouTube

4. Snow Peak Entry Pack TS

  • Capacity: 4-6 persons
  • Seasons: 3 season
  • Style: Dome
  • Material: 75D polyester

Snow Peak produces high-quality tents of a wide variety and versatility. One of their connecting tent options is the Entry Pack TS. This tent combines its mesh tent with the medium-sized Amenity Dome. It is a modest space with the benefit of a “screen porch” feature that can be used as a separate sleeping area entirely.

It is capable of withstanding most weather conditions and offers ideal ventilation. The outer layer is made with Teflon waterproofing to prevent any leaks or seepage. The material also contains UV protection to prevent deterioration and protection from the sun on those hot days.

It can comfortably fit 4 to 6 people and is perfect for a small or growing family.

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5. 3 Season RhinoWolf 1

  • Capacity: 1-3 persons
  • Seasons: 3 season
  • Style: Dome
  • Material: Nylon, silicone, and polyester

This connecting tent is different from the others listed above because it is a single-person tent that can connect to other one-person tents. This is a great option for backpackers who want to save on weight, but may still be traveling with one or two other friends or family.

The tents connect via the doors on either side by zipping them together. These tents don’t offer the most space for storing gear.

Though small, these tents are built with quality materials and are able to perform optimally in 25-degree weather. It also comes with a 375g down blanket. The rain fly is made from Ripstop Nylon with two-sided silicone for the best waterproofing and weather protection.

What Is A Connectable Tent?

Connecting tents are tents that have a special feature that allows them to attach to other compatible tents to form a single shelter unit. They can do so through enclosed connection points or interconnection tunnels.

Available in a variety of sizes, you can have endless options for arranging or using the tents to suit your needs.

Advantages Of A Connecting Tent

These tents are great for large groups and can provide a designated space for activities and meals while maintaining separate private sleeping areas. You don’t always need to connect the tents either. They can remain separated or you can use one or two at a time. Also, they can be bought separately so you can save money.

Before Buying A Connectable Tent: Consider This

Connecting tents are great, but they aren’t for everybody. If you prefer solo camping or going with just one other person, then it isn’t necessary to have a tent like this. The simpler the better in those instances. You also may prefer more privacy than what’s provided with a connecting tent.

If you’re a backpacker, then a connecting tent may not be the best option for you because you want to cut down on the weight you carry. These tents are also on the more expensive side compared to other options.

However, if you are someone that camps frequently with a large group of friends or family it is a phenomenal option. It’s a great way to keep everyone close and have a secure shelter in bad weather. It’s great for kids too because they’ll find it fun and enjoyable. While parents don’t have to worry about them being in a separate area from them.

These tents can still be broken up into smaller tents as well and used singularly if that is what you prefer.

Final Thoughts

To finish off, it is apparent in our list above that the Coleman 3-Person & 6-Person Connectable Tent Bundle is the best overall choice. It stands out from the others because of its simple but efficient design, quality durability, and use as an all-season option. It is the most cost-effective connecting tent that you can find and will meet all of your needs.

Each of the tents listed is a great option for groups and one may fit your preferences better than the others. Always consider your options and check out each one to see what fits your needs.

Julie is a freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors. She grew up camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking; and now wants to provide people with tips that will enhance their outdoor experiences.

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