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Burning Man is a five-day festival at the end of summer, in the Black Rock desert of Nevada. You’ll be prone to extreme temperature changes from extreme heat to very cold. If you plan to camp there for those several days, you’ll want a good tent! Your tent should be comfortable, secure, and windproof, and sun protection wouldn’t hurt! Below is a short list of the best tents you can bring to Burning Man.

Best Camping Tents for Burning Man

Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent

  • Size: 4-8 person with different size options
  • Seasons: 3 seasons
  • Weatherproofing: WeatherTec system, welded floors, and inverted seams
  • Rainfly: Included

This Coleman cabin tent is an instant setup tent that can be pitched in as little as a minute. It is made easy with the pre-attached poles. This is a 4-person tent that fits one queen-sized air bed and features storage pockets to organize your smaller items.

The double-thick Polyguard fabric is durable enough to withstand strong winds and elements. There are also five mesh windows to provide ample air circulation in hot weather.

It also features Dark Room Technology with blocks up to 90 percent of sunlight to ensure you sleep longer and more soundly. It also reduces heat inside the tent, keeping you cool during hot days and nights.

This is a great tent that eliminates the struggle of setting it up and provides the comfort you’ll need on any venture.

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Kodiak Canvas Flex-Bow Canvas Tent Deluxe

  • Size: 4-8 persons with different size options
  • Seasons: 3-4 seasons
  • Hydra-ShieldTM, Cotton Duck Canvas. Durable, watertight and breathable.
  • Awning:  (70×57 inches) front awning

Actually the best type of tent for burning man festival is canvas tent. It is thick and durable to leverage the hot weather in the day and cold weather in the night, and provides better protection from sands and wind.

However, canvas tents are always much more expensive than the traditional ones. And many of them are specially designed for glamping. The Kodiak canvas tent is one of the few that is suited for outdoor camping purposes.

It is spacious for a small family. And the 6’1″(185.4cm) ceiling height is tall enough for most people to stand freely inside without bent.

The tent poles are made of steel, which means they are stronger than the fiber and provide better performance in circumstances such as the desert with winds and sands.

The front awning is also a good design for the burning man, it provides shade from the sun which is crucial for the desert environment. It is very often in the festival to sit there with your friends.

All in all, this is a great tent for the burning man. But there is one thing we should point out, that you should pay attention to the weight of this tent. With 57.78 Pounds(26 Kilograms) total packed, it takes a lot of labor to transfer, even from your car to the camping ground.

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Hewolf Waterproof Instant Camping Tent

  • Size: 2-4 persons
  • Seasons: 3-4 seasons
  • Weatherproofing: interior mesh layer, waterproof outer layer.
  • Rainfly: Included

This is a dome camping tent with much versatility. The outer layer is removable to create an open-air sun shade, an all-mesh tent, or an insulated yet ventilated shelter.

It also features 8 guylines and 6 stakes for added security, a tall ceiling to hang clothes or light, two entrances, a mesh window, and an interior gauze net to keep you bug-free. This is an ideal tent for the summer with its’ superior cross ventilation and sun room possibilities.

You can find this tent in a two to four-person size so you can bring a friend along comfortably. It’s definitely a great choice for an event like Burning Man which takes place at the end of the summer.

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CORE 9-Person Instant Cabin Tent

  • Size: 9 person
  • Seasons: 3 season
  • Weatherproofing: H20 block technology, taped rainfly, sealed seams
  • Rainfly: Included

If you’re looking for a speedy setup and a large tent to fit several friends or family members, then look no further. The CORE instant cabin tent is a large tent that can be pitched in two minutes with little effort thanks to the pre-attached poles that lock into place.

This is a large tent that can fit two queen-sized air beds and includes a room divider to create two private sleeping spaces. There are storage pockets on the walls to organize your electronics and other small items.

It also features optimal air circulation with the full mesh ceiling, and ground intake air vents to draw in cooler air. This is a great choice when camping with a larger group of people.

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Best Overall

Our top pick of the list above would be the Coleman 4-Person Cabin Tent. Coleman is a top brand in the camping industry and they provide quality equipment. Their cabin tent is no exception and it provides the versatility and simplicity you’ll need for an event like Burning Man.

This tent can comfortably fit 2-3 adults and comes with amenities like 5 mesh windows, interior storage pockets, and Dark Room technology. It is a durable and affordable option that can withstand a sandy and hot environment. It is a top choice to be used at festivals and on regular camping trips.

But if you are not tight on budget, we think the Kodiak Canvas Tent should be a better choice. According to our experience, a canvas tent is always the top pick for the desert environment.

Short Buying Guide: What to Look For


Air circulation and ventilation are crucial for a tent, especially in the summer months which is when Burning Man takes place. Features that assist with ventilation are ground air vents, mesh windows, mesh ceilings, and doors. Staying cool in the heat is important!


When choosing the right tent, you want to have a good idea of how many people will be sharing it with you. While every tent tells you its size, you should know that is its maximum capacity. In reality, the tent will function better with a couple of fewer people than it says it can hold.

People who enjoy solo camping will often use a two-person tent because it offers more room to keep their gear and is more comfortable moving around in. Just like how a couple would prefer a 4-person tent over a 2-person tent. There is more comfort with more space.


When camping in the desert, you’ll be exposed to high winds with little protection. It is important to ensure your tent is made of a strong, durable material that won’t tear easily. The tent poles should be strong and flexible too so they don’t bend or break.

You will also want to make sure that it comes with ample security. This includes stakes for the corners of the tents, and additional guylines you can tie down.

Sun Protection

Sun and UV light protection is a huge plus with a tent. When you’re exposed to too much it can lead to skin damage and it is unhealthy. Tents that feature Dark Room Technology are a great option in this case. It is able to block as much as 90 percent of sunlight and UV rays. It’s an ideal shelter in the desert and can help you sleep better and longer.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on attending the Burning Man festival in its’ entirety, you’ll need to be prepared with a proper tent. Since it takes place around the end of the summer, you can expect the weather to be hot.

That is why the tents selected in the list above are featured. They have plenty of features to help reduce heat inside the tent, provide protection from the sun, durable enough to withstand abrasive sand and high winds.

Proper shelter is important, even during festivals!

Julie is a freelance writer with a passion for the outdoors. She grew up camping, fishing, hiking, and kayaking; and now wants to provide people with tips that will enhance their outdoor experiences.

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