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Many people may not have heard of Ciays camping tent before, it is a relatively new player in the tent industry, their products are solid and offer a lot of great features, and often with cute/pretty looks that attract people’s attention. The quality of their tent is not bad, you can always find that it is worth the value for the prices you paid.

Today we’ll take a closer look at their lightweight 2 person tent. It is a full review that focuses on every detail. we hope it may provide you with some value.

Who is it for & is it worth to buy

This is a two person tent that is best suited for solo camping or with a friend, it is good for a family with two adults and one or two kids.

It is lightweight and portable, which makes an ideal choice for camping,backpacking or hiking.

The tent is affordable and comes with a lot of features. However, there are a lot of companies that offer 2 person tents, this is a highly competitive area, the Ciays tent is not quite outstanding, and not bad too. If you like the lookings of this tent just pick it, if you want a big brand we suggest you take a look at Coleman’s sundome 2 person tent.

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The first noticeable feature is its price, it is affordable and worth the money. But as we said before, 2p tent is a highly competitive area, you can choose other brands at almost the same price level.

Lightweight and portable

It has a carry bag included, the total product weighs about 5.29 Pounds(~2.4kg), which is about the weight of a laptop, it is portable and easy to carry when you are camping out, even backpacking or hiking.

Weather performance

Removable rainfly and waterproof

The tent is waterproof with a rate of 1200mm, it works well on rainy days. The rainfly adds an additional layer of protection, it can be removed when necessary.

You can use the tent on mild to moderate weather conditions, we don’t recommend you use this tent on heavy rainy days or storms.

For most scenarios it is sufficient and works well.

Strong frames holds up to 30+ mph winds

They are using robust fiberglass tent poles, if you stake it well it can withstand strong winds. However, don’t expect too much, a tent is just a tent, you’d better not use it on harsh wind days.


There are big mesh windows and doors located on the walls of the tent, the air flow is excellent, the vulnerable windows are protected by the rainfly so you don’t need to worry about water to seep in on rainy days.

Other Features and details


The floor size of the tent is 87″ L x 57″ W (220cm x 145), with a height of 45″(114cm).

This is enough for two adults to sleep inside, with additional space for the kids. A traditional sleeping pad is about 20 inch wide, you can put two of them inside easily.

Convenient utilities

There is a lantern hook located at the center of the tent, which is useful when you’re camping out in the dark wilderness.

Several storage pockets located on the side of the wall. You can store your cell phones or glasses inside, or the kid’s toy, keep things organized.

This is also a small door mat(same material as the inner floor) as an exterior of the tent floors, you can put on the shoes there, which can keep your tent much tidy.


The tent is mainly made of polyester, the poles are made of fiber glasses. It would be better if they are using aluminum alloy for the poles, but it costs more, you shouldn’t expect too much for such a low price.

The mesh windows are durable and great for ventilation. They have careful designs like inverted seams to deliver better waterproof ratings.

Due to the thin and air circulation designs, you’d better use it in warm seasons. The tent will not hold much warmth on cold days.

Setup process

This is not an instant setup tent, but it is easy to set up, it takes 5~7 minutes to put it up with a single person. If you are new to tents it may take even longer.

A few minutes is not a long time, due to the small size of the tent, it is acceptable for most people.

They have an official setup video with each step explained, you can check it in their product pages here.

Pros & Cons


  • Affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Waterproof
  • Cute/Pretty looking


  • Can’t hold warmth on cold days


Weight 5.29 Pounds(~2.4kg)
Capacity 2 Person
Size 87″ L x 57″ W x 45″ H (220cm x 145cm x 114cm)
Packed Size 15.63″ x 6.14″ x 5.91″ (39.7cm x 15.6cm x 15cm)
Material Polyester, Fiberglass Poles
Season 3-Season


The following two tents are almost the same size and exteriors, with minor differences in features. They all have a similar price tag, so you can just pick the right one by your own feelings and emotions.

Coleman’s sundome 2 person tent

If you want big brands we suggest taking a look at the Coleman Sundome series, it is very popular and has endured the market test for many years. We have a dedicated review here

MOON LENCE 2p double layer camping tent

The moon lence 2p tent offers the same features as the other two, the main difference is its double layer design, which makes the tent much cooler in summer and warmer in the winter due to the better insulations.

Final Thoughts

The Ciays 2 person camping tent is an affordable tent for camping/hiking, it is lightweight and portable. The features are great and should be sufficient for most scenarios.

If you like the design at first glance, just pick it. The 2p tent area has many players and all of them offer great products, with only minor differences between each other. If you want big brands we suggest Coleman.


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