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Ozark Trail is a Walmart owned brand that brings affordability and quality to recreational campers. The Ozark Trail 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with light is an easy to set up piece of equipment with an integrated interior LED light. The added light is a cool feature, but how good is this tent? We took our time researching this tent to give you an informed review.

Who Is It For?

Not all tents are designed for the same users. The Ozark Trail is no exception. Families with children should enjoy the ease and functionality of this tent. The interior light and pop up design eliminate stressful set-up and the need for a light inside. It’s nice to have the peace of mind that you will have light inside the tent and won’t need to bring an extra piece of gear. It’s clear that they designed this tent for the novice or family. This is not a tent you’d want to carry on a backwoods hiking trip.


The Ozark Trail 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with light isn’t reinventing the cabin tent, but it adds something that I could see becoming more common. The addition of the interior lights is unique to this tent from many ‌other tents I have looked at.

Though the poles are strong and material is weather resistant, I would be wary of using it in high winds or heavy rain. At least not without testing it out in my backyard first. Some users have mentioned water pooling inside during heavy rain and wind. You may want to spray it with waterproofing spray before use.

The affordability of this tent could make it an attractive option for anyone looking for their first tent or an upgrade for a growing family.


Sleeps: 6 Weight: 19.38lbs Height: 6ft Dimensions: 10ft x 9ft (90sq ft) Doors: 1


  • Integrated LED light with 3 modes
  • Easy, fast setup
  • Afffordable
  • Large mesh storage and media pockets


  • Only suitable for warm weather
  • Lack vestibules/porch

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Features & Details

This Ozark Trail tent is similar to the other cabin tents from the same brand. Except for the built in LED light system along the roof on the inside. The spacious interior is suitable for 6 people, though it may be tight for 6 adults. It would be better suited for 4 adults or a small family. Though it can fit 2 queen-size air mattresses, this would leave little room for any equipment inside the tent.

The 3 mesh window and mesh ceiling provide plenty of ventilation and airflow. However, the tradeoff for this is that this tent is for camping in warmer weather. It won’t retain any heat if you were to ‌use it in the late fall or winter.


With a 10ft by 9ft floor this is not a small tent, there is plenty of room inside. Though 6 adults may feel cramped inside, for a family on a weekend trip, it could be ideal. It has 6 feet of headroom meaning most adults could stand up comfortably inside. The walls are slightly angled, which means the headroom isn’t consistent everywhere in the tent. This might not be an issue in most circumstances but is something to keep in mind.


Considering its size it weighs in at a conservative 19.38lbs. Though not heavy, it probably isn’t ideal for backpacking. The Ozark Trail 6 person Instant Cabin Tent with Light is clearly meant for campers who will access their site by car, or a short walk.


Set-up is quick and easy. The steel telescopic poles are permanently affixed to the tent, like most instant tents. It shouldn’t take more than 60 seconds to get the tent up which is definitely a selling point for most people.. Set-up is so easy that a parent should have no trouble getting the kids involved.

LED Light

The built in light is the real feature. The added strips of battery powered LED lights along the top make the Ozark Trail tent stand out among its competitors. The lights have 3 modes, low, medium, and high. The integrated lights eliminate the need for a lantern, in most cases. For people with children who may be new to camping or scared of the dark, the low light setting can function as a night light.

How do you power the led lights?

There is a battery pack in the tent that takes 4 d batteries, the LED Light consumes little power so you don’t need to worry much about energy.


There is a removable media pocket that can fit an iPad for those rainy nights when you may need entertainment inside. And the large mesh pocket provides plenty of storage that many competitors can’t match.

AC Vent

The AC port allows you to attach a portable window air conditioner unit to the side of the tent. It also works if you don’t use an AC unit, this vent near the ground allows air in on those days when it rains, or even extra ventilation on hotter days. It has its own flap protecting it from letting in rain or splashing from puddles.

Electrical Port

This feature is becoming more and more common. The electrical port lets you bring an extension cord inside without having it come  through the door. It is bug-free and protected from water to seep in on rainy days. This is nice for campers who may be doing some more long term camping on one site with power.

Similar Alternatives

Coleman 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent

This Coleman tent is very close to the Ozark Trail in most respects. It weighs slightly more at 24.9lbs. The footprint is the same and shares the 6ft ceiling. Setup is quick and easy because of the pop-up style construction. It may be worth comparing these two tents to get an understanding of the features that are important to you.

Timber Ridge 6 Person Instant Tent

This tent is larger than the Ozark Trail with a 10ft by 10ft floor and 6.5ft ceiling. That extra foot of floor space may give you more space for people or equipment. The weight is comparable to the Ozark Trail. Timber Ridge is a company focused on family camping and the ease of setup and use of their tents reflects that.


In short, the Ozark Trail 6 Person Instant Cabin Tent with Light may be right for a family that enjoys occasional weekend or backyard camping. The addition of the light is a unique feature but might not be a selling point for everyone. Its weight, though manageable, is too heavy to hike with. The affordable price point and sturdy build could make it a worthwhile investment that provides enjoyment for years to come.


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