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If you have followed our site for sometime you may have noticed that we reviewed a lot of Ozark Trail tents. The reason for this is they offer a lot of great features at a reasonable price. We love their tent and recommend it frequently.

The Ozark Trail tent is a brand of Walmart, many of their sub brands are affordable, still they offer great features and considerable qualities.

The 11p 3 room 14’x14’ instant cabin tent is a large tent for family or a group of friends. As you have noticed we have many big tents on our site, this is another choice too. The most distinguished features are the additional back room and the front door awning.

Let’s take a closer look.

What is it for & Is it worth to buy

This is a big tent for 11 people. If you have a family and want a large tent, then it might be a good choice. It is an instant setup tent that you can assemble in minutes, it will save you a lot of time if you don’t like the tedious work.

The most distinguished feature is the extra private room, it is attached at the end of the tent, like a small separate room. This can allow additional spaces for your gear, or would be very convenient for your kids.

There is also an awning at the front door. This little shed blocks the sunlight off and provides an ideal space for your activities, you can put a table there to eat, or just enjoy the beautiful view without worrying about the hot sun.

For other convenient designs, it has a lantern hook at the center of the tent and several wall organizers. It also has an E-Port.

Who is it for

With all things considered, this is a great tent for families, it has an extra private room for kids, and an awning at the front door for dinner, which makes an ideal choice for a family going out for camping at the weekend.

As a big tent, it is also a good choice for a large groups, it has a removable room divider included for even more privacy

It is a little heavy with a total weight of 38.37 lbs (17.4kg), we recommend you use it for car camping.

Pros & Cons


  • Spacious for family
  • Extra back room
  • Good ventilation
  • Instant setup
  • Cabin design high enough to stand inside
  • Awning at the front door


  • A little heavy to carry


Weight 38.37 lbs (17.4kg)
Capacity Up to 11 people
Windows 5
Dimensions 14 x 14 ft (4.27 x 4.27m)
Floor Area 14’x8’ for main room, 8’x6’ for private room
Peak height 6’3″ (193cm)
Material Polyester, Steel
Packed size ‎29.69 x 11.89 x 11.81 inches (75.4 x 30.2 x 30 cm)
Season 3-Season

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Features and details

Private room

This is the main design difference from other tents, there is an extra attached private room at the back of the tent. The room is large enough to put 3 sleeping pads inside, it is spacious no matter whether you store your gear inside or use it for the kids.

The private room is located at the back of the tent, it has a closable divider from the main room, you can close and have a separate privacy place. Kids many love this design and want to have their own isolated spaces.

It has big mesh windows on the private room, you don’t need to worry about the air flow inside.

There is a back room door, which makes you get in and out conveniently, without disturbing people in the main room.


This is a big tent, you can fit 2 queen airbeds inside, there is still additional space in the private room. It should be spacious for 5~8.  It is officially declared to be an 11 person tent, however, that is counted by how many sleeping pads to fit in theory.

For a large family it is spacious enough. Also, there is a removable room divider included so that you can split the inner space into 2 separate rooms, this is very useful when you are camping out with the kids and want more privacy. If you are camping with friends then it would be great to separate boys and girls.


As a cabin tent, the walls are steep and give more space inside the tent. The height is 6’3″ (193cm) and is fairly enough for most people to stand freely inside without bent. But if you are a very tall person then please take a little extra care.


There are big mesh windows on each side of the wall, and it is a large tent, the ventilation should not be a problem at all.

At the top of the tent the roof is full of mesh that will let the air flow fluently through, it is protected by the rainfly so no water will seep in on rainy days. You can remove the fly at night to get a great view of the stars.

Performance on different weather conditions


As a big cabin tent, it is vulnerable to winds, if you do not stake it out carefully , strong wind can blow it over, however, in many circumstances it should be enough. Tests suggest that it can hold steady in 20mph wind, or even more.

However, remember to take care of it in harsh wind conditions.


For rainy days it should sustain mild conditions. Considering the big mesh windows and the rainfly is not big enough to protect it all, you should not expect too much in extreme weather conditions. Mild to middle rain should be ok if you pitch it up correctly.

Setup process

This tent has an instant setup design, as they claimed that you can put it up in less than 2 minutes, this is incredibly fast considering how large it is.

They claimed it has an innovative instant frame design, however, many instant tents have the design of the frame pre-attached with the poles to accelerate the assembly process. It may have some minor innovations but the main principle should be the same.

Considering it is a large tent, you’d better set it up with 2 people, it should be quick and easy. Anyway, one man can do the job too, it only consumes a little more time.

Other noticeable features

Lantern hooks and wall organizers, those are almost standard designs you can find on modern tents.

The wall organizer lets you store your glasses or phones in the mesh pocket without messing it up on the ground. It is a convenient design that is very helpful when you are out camping.

It also has an E-Port included, this is an opening that lets you bring the electric cord inside without worrying about leaking or bugs. It is well protected that keeps water and bugs out.


As we have recommended many times, Ozark Trail tent is both affordable and offers a lot of features. You can pick the right one based on your own needs.

This family tent has an extra private room and an awning at the front door, which makes it stand out from other similar tents from Ozark. If this is your concern then the Ozark Trail 11 person 3 room instant cabin tent is the right choice.

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